Join us for our 6 week summer session! Summer is the perfect opportunity to try classes without the recital commitment.

Classes run from July 11th through August 17th.


Our summer tuition is session style. The tuition listed is for the whole 6 week session. Sibling discount of 10% applies as normal.

30 mins per week: $110

45 mins: $125

1 hr: $135

1 hr 15 mins: $148

1 hr 30 mins: $160

1 hr 45 mins: $172

2 hrs: $195

2 hrs 15 mins: $210

2 hrs 30 mins: $225

2 hr 45 mins: $245

3 hrs: $265

3 hrs 15 mins: $285

3 hrs 30 mins: $305

3 hrs 45 mins: $320

4 hrs: $335

4 hrs 15 min: $345

4 hrs 30 min: $355


Baby Combo (ages 18mo-2)

This 45 min class is an enchanting and delightful introduction to ballet and tap for 18 months- 2 year old children. Basic elements of ballet and tap are introduced through play and instruction using props. This is a magical way for children who love music and movement to channel that energy toward dance.

Tiny Combo (ages 3-4)

This hour class is divided into 30 min sections of ballet and tap. Students will learn the basic building blocks of ballet and tap in a nurturing and child friendly environment. Learning paired with games, activities and props make class more enjoyable and students are more excited to learn.

Tiny Tumbling NEW! (ages 2-4)

Through fun obstacle courses and an acro based set-up, tiny tumblers will work on beginner acro skills while building confidence and strength!

Mini Combo  (ages 5-7)

This hour class is divided into 30 min sections of ballet and tap. Students build on the basic steps learned in Tiny Combo and move away from as many props and games. The barre is introduced and used for warm-ups in ballet. Students take a closer look at technique and begin learning more complex moves and combinations.

Acro (ages 5+)

Acro is a style of dance that combines classical techniques with acrobatic elements. This class focuses on strength, flexibility, balancing, limbering and tumbling.

Jazz Technique

This class will focus on learning proper jazz dance technique such as isolations of the body, improving performance quality and developing complex rhythms and patterns. 

Lyrical (ages 10+)

This class will combine elements of both ballet and jazz techniques. This class will teach young dancers to tell a story through their movement. Lyrical focuses on emotion and expression while moving gracefully.

Hip Hop NEW!

Hip hop is a fun and high energy style of street dance. This style of dance is what you typically see in concerts and music videos. Hip hop will focus on body isolations, footwork, and freestyling.  

Stretch/Yoga NEW! 

Stretch/Yoga is a 30 min class for both the mind and body. Dancers will incorporate beginner yoga poses while improving their strength, balance, and flexibility. 

Dance Camp

Join us for a full week of dance to end your summer! Designed for dancers of all levels ages 4 and up, our camp gives students the opportunity to try a wide variety of styles: Jazz, Tap, Ballet/Lyrical, Hip Hop and Acro.

August 21-25
Monday – Friday
9am- 12pm